Who Are We?

Team Giga is a Houston-based independent studio made to develop games designed around teamwork, camaraderie, and collaboration!

We find that many of our memorable gaming experiences are made when we play with one another, and being able to create and nurture those moments are something we aim to do above all else. Whether you're playing a competitive match alongside teammates, cooperating alongside your favorite in-game allies or just want to have a fun time with new and familiar faces alike, Team Giga will be working together so you can play together!

What Can You Expect?

In short, our niche is that we are a team-centric studio creating team-centric games.

How well do you remember certain characters in a game you grew fond of? What about those clutch moments in a multiplayer match where your team snagged the win by a hair? Was there a time you were surprised to find an unexpected gift from another player?

During various points in Team Giga's lifespan, you'll see us working on projects that might include score-attack arcade games, online multiplayer, or single-player team-based adventures. While we expect genres to differ wildly across projects, the one thing connecting it all is how we feel about those we play alongside with. All we're aiming for is that the emotion you felt - whether its with a player or an in-game character - is real, tangible, and remembered fondly.

Thanks for your interest in helping our dream projects become a reality. Welcome to the team!

- Team Giga, LLC.

Team Giga

Robert Desrosiers (@flyinflambe) heads Team Giga's projects as our Creative Director! Throughout the years of experiencing collaborative games like Pokémon and MapleStory, the inspiration for much of his design and love for videogames sprout from a compelling sense of community and cooperative strength. From UX and game design to technical art and audio, Robert's passion for collaborative design not only brings our team and players together, but also looks to aid local and online communities supporting inclusiveness, game literacy, and mental health.

Graduates with a B.S. in Computer Science and Certifications in Social and Technology Entrepreneurship at the Univ. of Houston [2012 - 2022]. Certified Unity Developer [2017].

Kevin Teddy Vega (@mr_teddee) heads Team Giga's studio as our Strategic Director! Since before TG's inception, the support he's provided has been invaluable to our personal and professional growth, ensuring that our team has what they need to create a great game, from market data to pencils and paper plates. The contributions he has made allow us to learn from our failures and give the extra push needed to keep moving forward. While not directly involved in any projects, Kevin is the invisible backbone you don't notice 'til his efforts bear fruit years later.

Graduates with a B.S. in Psychology and Minor in Retailing & Consumer Sciences at the Univ. of Houston [2012 - 2018].


Martin Jesus Reyes (@pacosmartini) heads Team Giga's back-end as our Technical Director! During Breaker Breaker's development for the Ludum Dare 39 game jam, his levelheadedness, grit and empathy were a rare mix that shone brightest when approaching live criticism and discussing viable solutions. Martin's commitment to quality and a strong work ethic made him the best choice to lead our technical aspects, from gameplay programming to hardware maintenance, and we're certain you'll experience that polish upon playing our games.

Graduates with a B.S. in Computer Science, B.S. in Chemistry, and Minor in Mathematics at the Univ. of Houston [2012 - 2018].



Jessica Hayley (@imjayhay) is our Programming Consultant for Team Giga, consulting during development as well as when technical walls are hit and we're out of options. They've also worked on 2064: Read Only Memories and assisted with VR prototyping for Microsoft.

[Collab: May '17 - present]


Nick Reineke (@rockleesmile) works as a Content Creator on Youtube and Twitch, focusing on indie games and retro titles. He also co-hosts the Northernlion Live Super Show and worked with us on a Goldman game that had been in the works.

[Collab: May '17 - Sept '17]


Michy Soong (@punimelt) worked on the promo art for Partial, as well as helping us re-design the Partials themselves. She also runs a suuuper cute online shop and made an amazingly memorable Tapioca animation!

[Collab: Oct '16 - Jan '17]