Who Are We?

Team Giga is a Houston-based independent studio made to develop games designed around teamwork, camaraderie, and cooperation!

We find that many of our memorable gaming experiences are made when we play with one another, and being able to create and nurture those moments are something we aim to do above all else. Whether you're playing a competitive match alongside teammates, cooperating alongside your favorite in-game allies or just want to have a fun time with new and familiar faces alike, Team Giga will be working together so you can play together!

What Can You Expect?

How well do you remember certain characters in a game you grew fond of? What about those clutch moments in a multiplayer match where your team snagged the win by a hair? Was there a time when you receive a gift from another player in surprise?

In short, our niche involves allowing the engaging aspects of human interaction to flourish.

During various points in Team Giga's lifespan, you'll see us working on projects that might include score-focused arcade games, an online multiplayer title, or even a party game. While we expect genres to differ wildly across projects, the one thing connecting it all is how we feel about the individuals we played alongside with. All we're aiming for is that the emotion you felt with a player or an NPC is real, tangible, and remembered fondly.

From a design standpoint, we have other goals in order to provide players an enjoyable experience.

  1. Welcoming and Fair. Providing accurate feedback is essential to understanding why a player failed or succeeded.
  2. Understandable Controls. Easy to learn, difficult to master.
  3. Strategic Depth. There are multiple ways to approach a given problem.
  4. Replayability. Don't ask players to play the game to 100% everything; play because everyone wants to have fun once in a while!
  5. Fulfilling. Respect the player's time and money; provide a game worth playing.
  6. Experiment! Seeing how experimentation is fuel for imagination, don't be afraid to try something new!

Thanks for your interest in helping our dream projects become a reality. Welcome to the team!

- Team Giga

Team Giga

Robert Desrosiers (@user_expletive) is Team Giga's creative fella. Game design and usability are his main gig while holding other responsibilities such as programming, 2D art, production management, and audio. Mental health and game jam advocate. Also uncomfortable with speaking in third person.

Kevin Teddy Vega (@mr_teddee) is Team Giga's sanity. Since time itself, he's provided a crazy amount of support into making Team Giga's a reality by providing aid in any way he can. Main gig includes retail management and restaurant finances. Adds finances, operations and legalities to the game dev mix.



Martin Reyes (@pacosmartini) works as a Gameplay Programmer for our overhaul of Breaker Breaker! Maintains a strong work ethic and has an eye for quality and polish. Currently finishing up his Computer Science & Chemistry degrees at the University of Houston.

[Collab: July '17 - present]


Jessica Hayley (@imjayhay) is our Programming Consultant for Team Giga, consulting during development as well as when technical walls are hit and we're out of options. They've also worked on 2064: Read Only Memories and assisted with VR prototyping for Microsoft.

[Collab: May '17 - present]


Nick Reineke (@rockleesmile) works as a Content Creator on Youtube and Twitch, focusing on indie games and retro titles. He also co-hosts the Northernlion Live Super Show and worked with us on a Goldman game that had been in the works.

[Collab: May '17 - Sept '17]


Michy Soong (@punimelt) worked on the promo art for Partial, as well as helping us re-design the Partials themselves. She also runs a suuuper cute online shop and made an amazingly memorable Tapioca animation!

[Collab: Oct '16 - Jan '17]