Brace for Impact! A Crowdfunding Campaign is Arriving!

19 months have passed since Partial's first inception, and the coming months are going to determine the direction Partial will be going. Knowing this, we want to talk about how far the project has come since the very beginning, and where we'll be going next.

How Did Partial Start?

Back in May 2015 when Partial was known as Euterra, it didn't take long for me to realize the potential this project had. Nothing in my life has given me as much drive as Partial has, for as long as it has.

At the time, I was creating a hobbyist YouTube series where I used an idea-generating deck of cards (now known as Conception, which you can download the prototype for free here) to find ideas I'd want to turn into a reality via game development. Once an idea was chosen, I'd naively go into development without understanding a single thing about it.

As terrible as the endeavor sounds, the series was meant to be a humbling experience; individuals who were intimidated by game development could watch the series and be able to relate to someone who was in the same boat as them. The idea I would choose out of a batch of ten ideas would be a music-based role-playing game. After realizing Partial's potential a couple weeks later, I abandoned the series while it was still small and committed all of my spare time to Partial's development. Any time I spent away from Partial would be used to hone my skills as a game developer because I knew the project deserved better, and in turn Partial would go through a number of major design changes to become what it is today... to where it's not even a music-based RPG anymore!

Along the way, there have been friends and family who were willing to offer their support and strength during our lowest points. Without them, the idea of quitting game development would've been much more enticing. Coming out of these low moments, we've also been lucky enough to inspire others to commit themselves to their own projects, many of whom are now our closest friends. We'll never forget your support, and we as individuals are always willing to offer our own-- thank you!!

However, there's another fight to endure. We're very much on our last legs, and we need to ask for more support than we've ever received to date.

Starting a Crowdfunding Campaign

On October 2015, I announced to friends and family that I was working on Partial and would someday start a crowdfunding campaign. Nearly a year later, after debating whether to dismiss the idea or to go forward with it, the campaign is finally on it's way!

Kevin and I have exhausted nearly all of the funds we can throw at the project, leaving us little room to grow from here on out. And yet, we're so close!! With where we are now, all we need left is a polished demo to present to the public.

With where Partial is right now, we're far from satisfied with it as a vertical slice prototype. While it feels great to play, Partial is riddled with bugs, the art needs some polish, and it could use some nice sound effects to sell some impact.

So, we're gathering a team to truly call ourselves Team Giga!

What Am I Backing/Supporting?

Rather than backing a video game, our first crowdfunding round will allow backers to support Team Giga itself, and in turn support Partial, via GoFundMe.

Unlike other crowdfunding efforts for game development, we won't be starting with Kickstarter. Over the past year, campaign promises have broken the trust of backers (at no fault of the Kickstarter team), causing wariness upon backing a project. When it comes to video games, Kickstarter is currently being seen as a storefront rather than as a crowdfunding effort to make projects a reality, and we feel that our current message is better conveyed using GoFundMe.

Our second crowdfunding round, however, will use Kickstarter to support the rest of Partial's development. Without a playable demo, a Kickstarter campaign for any video game is dead in the water. We want to obtain as much independence as we can, and give our community as much say in the final product as is most reasonable.

If individuals believe that a product will be a success, the people behind the project are what determine whether the product is successful or not. This means that we need the right team to work cohesively before the product is even out there. This is what makes this first crowdfunding round so important-- anyone backing us aren't just supporting the game, but the company as well.

What Will My Backer Money Be Used For?

The funds collected will be used to pay for a month's worth of development, as well as product testing for the second round of crowdfunding.

In addition to the current stage Partial is at, one month is enough time for us to create a polished demo, with enough content for players to be satisfied with. The funds will provide a month-long salary for each of our team members, accessibility and usability testing, product testing for future merchandise, and miscellaneous fees like licenses and legalities.

This concludes our first blog regarding Partial's crowdfunding campaign! In our next post, we'll talk about our funding goal and backer reward tiers. You can stay up to date by signing up for our newsletter on our front page. Thanks for reading!