If you're either: (1) looking for a new idea to get out of a development rut, (2) don't want to wait for the next game jam, or

(3) want to learn more about game design, Conception has you covered!

Conception is a side project that is currently in a prototype stage and will always be free.


Game development can be an amazing experience to be a part of. Depending on which role you prefer, you'll find yourself absorbed in the artwork, writing, design, music, usability, logic, and more. But before any of that, you need an idea: the concept you're so passionate about that will gives you the drive to keep going, even during the lows.

Thinking up ideas are easy-- coming up with a good idea is the challenge.

To that end, Conception is a brainstorming tool that allows current (and aspiring) game developers to jump-start themselves into their next project. With the ability to provide rigorous constraints, there are plenty of opportunities to innovate creatively.

To use Conception, press "GENERATE" to randomize the list of constraints available for you to work with. The list contains a constraint from each group: topics, mechanics, dynamics, aesthetics, themes, and genres/systems. (All of the possible constraints can be found in the Tool Guide.)

Once generated, you can start brainstorming for you next project!