[Oct 2016 - DBM] Dev Blog Monthly is here!

Hey team!

We recently attended our first conference at Atlanta's SIEGEcon 2016, marking a huge milestone for us. Our main team and project are finally getting known to the public, which means we need to make a few important changes.

The first is that our development blog is moving from Rob's personal blog to the website. The dev blog was originally used as a way to keep track of weekly goals since we didn't have an app to do so at the time. It's been running for 15 weeks, and its gotten to the point where it's been difficult for us to justify it being on the personal site as opposed to on our main page. This allows us to not only get info on development directly to you all, but to also keep the site updated with fresh content.

The other important change is that the series will change to a monthly format as opposed to weekly. One of the things we learned from posting weekly is that it became difficult to keep any surprises handy once the demo is prepared; we posted all of development in detail. We want to maintain this transparency without giving away all the details, and it also had the added benefit of not spamming you all each week with updates that could potential spoil the experience before Partial is even released.

And if we're being honest, a monthly format also helps us post on-time reliably! (As opposed to weekly.) Each DBM will be posted on the second Monday of each month, and we'll have a newsletter set up soon as well. Expect the next post to be available in November.

So, what will you even be reading about in Dev Blog Monthly?

Similar to our previous Dev Blog Mondays, we'll be discussing what our goals were, whether we achieved them, how we went about achieving various milestones, and what our goals for the next month are. Simple, right? Its been a helpful way of keeping our progress steady, and being able to share that growth with you all is something we want to continue doing. As a young startup we want to share our successes and failures, and this is one of the best ways to do so.

To wrap up this post, our goal for this next month is to get a complete level finished with all of the core mechanics implemented. The Min. Viable Product (MVP) prototype is currently undergoing a physics overhaul that's about 50% from where we had to scrap everything, so we're definitely making steady progress. It will probably take another couple weeks to get back to 100%, and the next two weeks will be used to implement the Seedling collection mechanic (more on this next month). And if there's time left over, we'll add a little something else too. ;)

Thank you for those sticking around, and thank you to the newcomers as well! Hope you all enjoy the coming months. :] Happy Halloween!

-Rob and Kev