[Nov 2016 - DBM] Euta Seedlings!

Hey team!

For this month's Dev Blog Monthly, we'll continue to elaborate on what we've been doing over the past four weeks, what milestones we've met, and what some of our plans are while going into December.

As mentioned in our previous post, our milestones for the month were to:

  • Bring the Min. Viable Product prototype physics back up to 100%,
  • Complete a finished level with the necessary core mechanics-- player movement and hex plate movement, and
  • Implement the Seedling Collection mechanic.

Luckily, we've gotten a good bit done over the past month! The physics are sitting roughly at 90%, with player movement needing additional polish. We've also been able to construct a full level that allows us to test the new physics changes; but without the player polish, it's difficult to tell what else needs fixing.

As for the Seedling Collection mechanic, we've made steps towards implementing their quirks, and we want to elaborate a little bit on how Seedlings work!

Euta Seedlings function similarly to collectible coins you find in games like Super Mario, or the rings in Sonic the Hedgehog, but with a little more life. For design purposes we'll explain in the future, everything in the Partial universe needs a little liveliness. For that purpose, each mechanic in the game is associated with something alive-- there are very few static items, terrain, or collectibles. So with that in mind, our goal is to make the game as expressive as possible!

On that note, Euta Seedlings are what the player collects throughout the game, and are the youngest of the Seedling evolution stages. Their uses vary in size and scope; you're able to bounce on top of them, and they follow you around much like the eggs in Yoshi's Island do! But in addition to that, you can use Eutas to improve your relationship with your Iota allies, improve your Partial's reputation, and can even fuse to create a brand new Iota ally.

If you're lost as to what an Iota is, we'll elaborate on that for a future DBM! :]

Admittedly, we weren't able to hit those milestones as well as I would have hoped. Most of this is because I simply don't know Unity or C# well enough, given that I recently switched from the GameMaker: Studio engine only a few months ago. As a result, we intend on making some fundamental changes to our team to make sure Partial sits on par with the quality we expect it to have.

As the prototype currently stands, there are a number of bugs that need to be fixed, and a good few of them have already been removed thus far. As for the remaining bugs, these are obstacles I know how to overcome, but personally I'm not sure how to implement these changes. So, what are our plans going forward?

With a two-person team, its difficult to create a polished game in a short amount of time. We can't spend more than a couple years on Partial mainly because the potential risk is too high, and we want to do as much as we can do reduce that risk. This means that to make up for a shorter development period and continuing to increase Partial's quality, we'll need a team who knows their stuff and are willing to teach us a thing or two.

(Speaking of which, we'll be making an amazing announcement later in the month!)

We're also working to update the necessary reference documents since they're a couple months outdated. As our team continues to grow, the need for a cohesive vision and the upkeep of a design document (among many others like Art and Audio Treatment docs) becomes increasingly apparent.

With all that in mind, here are our milestones for this coming month:

  • Update all current documents to 100%,
  • Eliminate all current physics and Euta seedling bugs,
  • Implement UI to provide more reliable feedback,
  • Overhaul the in-game art assets,
  • Implement hex plate properties, and
  • Find some great people who are as inspired by the project as we are!

We have a busy schedule ahead of us and have more news to announce soon, so we'll see you next time!