[Dec 2016 - DBM] Partial on Hold

Hi everyone!

There's some important news we wanted to put out there-- mainly being that Partial is being put on hold.

It was an incredibly difficult decision for us to make, but there's a number of financial obstacles that, as a starting company, were unrealistic for us to overcome. At the current time, we need to work on a project that only requires the two of us to complete and ship, as well as start building a community and getting some funds built up before we take on something as important as Partial. This is all just covering the surface of what's so problematic about Partial despite working on it for 18 months, but if anyone has any questions, we're happy to answer them via e-mail or Twitter.

To recap, Partial as a project isn't being killed-- just put on hold indefinitely. It was a ton of fun working on it (and still was up til today), and we can't wait til we're able to work on it again.

On that note: what are we working on next?

The only other project that's currently public is Conception, which started off as a hobby project that took off pretty well. There's so much more we want to do with it as a brainstorming tool, though, so that's first up on our list as a company.

That's all the details we can share right now. Thanks for reading (and Happy Holidays)!