Hey team!

Before talking about anything else, I want to thank everyone for your support! It's those of you reading this (and many more!) that we've been able to get Partial off the ground, and in turn prep everything else that's necessary to make all of this work. So again, thank you.

In terms of both development and maintenance, everything is still sitting at an early stage. We're currently working on the first demo for Partial to be ready at SIEGEcon @ Atlanta-- so for those of you attending on Oct. 7-9, you can find us there and help make Partial even better! We won't have our own booth, but we'll be walking around and asking people to play our game. It's mediocre, but better than nothing!

And now for the ridiculous stuff. We came up with the company name Team Giga after throwing around many others. Some names were too long, others were taken, and the rest were just silly. In the end, I gave up and went with Team Giga in a split second, which is named after the big bosses in Partial. Turns out, we really like the name, and so do a few others, so we stuck with it!

Thanks for reading, and look forward to any additional updates. The dev blog series will still be posted at my personal blog, while the larger announcements like this one will be posted here. Thank you for your continued support!