Just as it says on the tin, thanks for helping us reach a huge milestone!!! *party horn*

We're incredibly humbled to be in such a position and can't thank you all enough. While it's taken about 19 months to get there, reaching 1,000 downloads on a bare-bones prototype like Conception is a difficult feat.

Since releasing Conception on February 27, 2016 we've been on a crazy ride. We've stumbled pretty often and have continued to make mistakes; but if we didn't love this crazy thing called "game development", we wouldn't have gotten back up to give things another round, yeah?

With that being said, we have an announcement to make:

Conception will be be getting a more handcrafted touch under the name Joybloc.

As much as we love Conception, our biggest gripe is that it's thick with jargon intended for Game Designers. While game design is a useful skill for development, it's not a field everyone may be interested in. As a result, much of the constraints provided end up never being used by most devs (including ourselves).

Currently, Conception works well as a constraint generator that also helps learn about new design-centric concepts. One of our goals for Joybloc is to allow other game development roles to be included (artists, programmers, etc) while doing some clean-up work and adding a number of themed constraints for wider use.

We have other exciting features in store for Joybloc, with the changes mentioned above just being the tip of the iceberg! (Disclosure: While the sample art shown for these projects are not final by any means, they give an accurate picture of what we're aiming for.)

That's it for announcements! As a short plug: if you love GIFs, Twitter is a good place to find them.

Thank you all for your continued support, and we'll see you in the coming months!