Just as it says on the tin, thanks for helping us reach a huge milestone!!! *party horn*

We're incredibly humbled to be in such a position and can't thank you all enough. While it's taken about 19 months to get there, reaching 1,000 downloads on a bare-bones prototype like Conception is a difficult feat.

Since releasing Conception on February 27, 2016 we've been on a crazy ride. We've stumbled pretty often and have continued to make mistakes; but if we didn't love this crazy thing called "game development", we wouldn't have gotten back up to give things another round, yeah?

With that being said, we have an announcement to make:

Conception will be be getting a more handcrafted touch under the name Joybloc.

As much as we love Conception, our biggest gripe is that it's thick with jargon intended for Game Designers. While game design is a useful skill for development, it's not a field everyone may be interested in. As a result, much of the constraints provided end up never being used by most devs (including ourselves).

Currently, Conception works well as a constraint generator that also helps learn about new design-centric concepts. One of our goals for Joybloc is to allow other game development roles to be included (artists, programmers, etc) while doing some clean-up work and adding a number of themed constraints for wider use.

We have other exciting features in store for Joybloc, with the changes mentioned above just being the tip of the iceberg! (Disclosure: While the sample art shown for these projects are not final by any means, they give an accurate picture of what we're aiming for.)

That's it for announcements! As a short plug: if you love GIFs, Twitter is a good place to find them.

Thank you all for your continued support, and we'll see you in the coming months!

The Hurricane Relief Bundle is Now Available!

In support of those affected by Hurricane Irma, we've added Conception to the Hurricane Relief Bundle (available until Sept 17).

During the period that Hurricane Harvey damaged Houston, Corpus Christi and many other affected areas, we were unable to provide much substantial aid at the time which ended up leaving us with some guilt. While Kevin had his own evac preparations, I had a close friend from Houston visit right before Harvey hit, leaving her and I constantly checking up on friends and family.

With Texas receiving an amazing amount of aid by the time we settled down, we'd like to help Irma victims in any way we can. Despite everything we've released thus far is either free or a prototype (or usually both), we added Conception in the hopes that it'll help someone along if they're looking into starting game development or need a helping hand in the brainstorming process. Out of all our releases, we think that it'll provide the most benefit to those purchasing the bundle.

While working with Loren (@lorenschmidt) on setting up the bundle, we've decided on donating all bundle proceeds to the following organizations:

  • GlobalGiving Hurricane Irma Relief Fund - A hurricane-specific project by an organization well-regarded by charity watchdog groups. They redirect funds to local organizations.

  • Halo Foundation - A locally run organization in Antigua and Barbuda which serves as an umbrella for smaller local charities.

  • Partners in Health (Haiti branches) - A well-rated larger organization. They are the largest nongovernmental health care provider in Haiti, with a number of clinics and hospitals. This bundle will donate specifically to fund their efforts to provide hurricane Irma relief in Haiti.

  • Direct Impact Fund for Hurricanes Harvey & Irma - A well-reviewed zero overhead fund which directs resources to verified local hurricane relief projects.

With local organizations often in most need of aid, are on the ground for long stretches of time and can better gauge the current situation in their area than on a federal or state-wide scale, we've chosen to support the organizations above.

The contents of the bundle include games that are complete, still in development or a prototype, and are a mix of free/purchasable games. The bundle can be purchased for $20+ on itch.io and will be available for purchase til the start of Sept 17. Earnings will be made transparent by Loren.

Hurricane Relief Bundlehttps://itch.io/b/195/hurricane-relief-bundle

Thank you so much for your contribution!

[Dec 2016 - DBM] Partial on Hold

Hi everyone!

There's some important news we wanted to put out there-- mainly being that Partial is being put on hold.

It was an incredibly difficult decision for us to make, but there's a number of financial obstacles that, as a starting company, were unrealistic for us to overcome. At the current time, we need to work on a project that only requires the two of us to complete and ship, as well as start building a community and getting some funds built up before we take on something as important as Partial. This is all just covering the surface of what's so problematic about Partial despite working on it for 18 months, but if anyone has any questions, we're happy to answer them via e-mail or Twitter.

To recap, Partial as a project isn't being killed-- just put on hold indefinitely. It was a ton of fun working on it (and still was up til today), and we can't wait til we're able to work on it again.

On that note: what are we working on next?

The only other project that's currently public is Conception, which started off as a hobby project that took off pretty well. There's so much more we want to do with it as a brainstorming tool, though, so that's first up on our list as a company.

That's all the details we can share right now. Thanks for reading (and Happy Holidays)!