The Partials are currently adventuring and enjoying the sights.

Thank you for checking up on them!


Join the path of the Partial, where strength is not measured by

the tip of a sword, but by the size of your heart.

 concept art for  partial 's standard gameplay. please do not view this as an accurate representation of the final product.

concept art for partial's standard gameplay. please do not view this as an accurate representation of the final product.

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What is Partial?

Partial is a vertically-scrolling action-platformer with JRPG elements, set in a fictional world known as Euterra. You play as one of eight Partials, a curious species born in the sudden chaos, with the initial goal of rescuing as many Euta Seedlings as possible, but other objectives later become available to you. This includes gaining the trust of Iotas through various rivalry trials--in order to gain access to their unique Ally Abilities--and save the colossal Giga Bosses that are on the brink of death, which is only made easier with the help of your fellow allies. Uncover the cause of Euterra's destruction, and discover the reason for the Partials' uncanny existence.

What is Hex Plate Manipulation (HPM)?

If you find yourself trapped in a small room with an open ceiling, and you see rubble that's about to come crashing down on you, HPM would allow you to safely control the rubble, and even jump between rubble chunks in mid-air. HPM enables the player to safely traverse each level in Euterra. Each level is filled with debris that are often known as Hex Plates; the player is able to use Hex Plates as a method of platforming, and can use HPM to execute a strategy that, more often than not, tends to be off-the-cuff.  However, Hex Plates have a couple restrictions:

  1. You can only manipulate a Hex Plate in an up/down motion. Hex Plates cannot move side-to-side or diagonally.
  2. Hex Plates can be controlled in two ways-- instant acceleration, or standard acceleration. While Instant swiftly pushes a Hex Plate in a given direction, Standard steadily accelerates a Hex Plate.

When can I play the game?

The project is currently on hold. The release date is TBA.

Can I stream Partial?

Yeah, su- Wait... how do you have your hands on it already?