This portfolio includes projects that Robert has worked on-- whether it's a Team Giga title, game jam project, or a personal endeavor.

Breaker Breaker


Production: 28 July 2017 -  21 Aug 2017 [Ludum Dare 39]
Genre: Shoot 'Em Up, Arcade, GameBoy, Web/PC
Status: Available
Tools Used: Unity2D, Aseprite, Discord, Trello, Google Docs, Airtable, Github
Role(s): Game Designer, UX Designer, Programmer, Pixel Artist/Animator, Sound Designer
Collaborators: Martin Reyes [Game Programmer]

BBreaker was our game submission for LD39 using the theme "Running Out Of Power", where you need to fix your plane's engine while flying in mid-air. Being Martin's first game developed and my first game where the design was implemented and tested in time to submit, this submission is one that'll stick with us for some time! Our ratings didn't break top 100 due to some of the questionable design changes that I wanted to test during that time, resulting in the game being too difficult and frustrating for most players, but we did manage to break top 10% with our top category being in Fun! What we knew for sure, if the early feedback was any indication, was that it feels great to play when tweaked right.

With a design, art and audio overhaul coming to the project, we plan on releasing a polished version of Bbreaker, Faux Fliers, before the end of 2017. Faux Fliers is planned to release on iPhone, Android, multiple web-supported platforms, and Facebook's Instant Games program.


Production: May 2015 - May 2017 [Team Giga, LLC.]
Genre: 2D Platformer, JRPG, Team-Based
Status: Postponed
Tools Used: Unreal Engine, Unity (C#), GameMaker: Studio 2, Aseprite, Slack, Discord, Skype, Trello, Google Drive, Airtable, Bitbucket, Sourcetree (Mercurial), Workrave
Role(s): Creative Director, Producer, Game Designer, UX Designer, Programmer, Pixel Artist/Animator
Collaborators: Michy Soong [Art Director], Kevin Teddy Vega [Strategic Director]

Partial started with the goal of allowing visually-impaired players to have an enjoyable play experience with their sighted peers. As prototypes continued to be iterated on, the project evolved into a team of creatures known as Partials who suddenly appeared to rescue the world's inhabitants from a falling sky. Even when the project wasn't looking up, I always ended up coming back with fresh ideas and newfound energy to keep going-- funnily enough, I kept finding it impossible to work on other projects unless I finished Partial. In the end, we decided to firmly put the project down and work on something else-- the design was in a state where we had three prototypes with vastly different mechanics, any of them could've been the right answer, and each of them didn't feel right. It got ridiculous. So for the time being, we're taking a step so far away that once we come back to it, we'll have no idea where we left off and can truly start fresh.

Sorry, Partial, but it's for your own good!

Gods Play Dice

Production: Apr 21-24, 2017 [Ludum Dare 38]
Genre: 2D Adventure, Experimental
Status: Unavailable
Tools Used: GameMaker: Studio, Aseprite
Role(s): Game Designer, Writer, Pixel Artist/Animator, Programmer

Gods Play Dice was the result of Ludum Dare's game jam theme: "it's a small world". From the start, I cut out any ideas that had to do with planets, space, or the earth. At the same time, this was made during a point in my life where I was dissatisfied with who and where I was. As a result, I made a game about how a person born is like Russian roulette-- you don't know if you'll get a good draw or not, and it's not something that can always be controlled. I ended up not finishing the game, but admittedly I felt much better after using this opportunity to let out some emotions I couldn't express traditionally. On the bright side, it ended up being a great way to try out a different pixel art style!

Little Tokyo

Production: Dec 9-11, 2016 [Ludum Dare 37]
Genre: 2D Puzzle, Building Block Sim
Status: Available
Tools Used: Unity, Krita
Role(s): Game Designer, Artist, Programmer
Contributors: Michy Soong [Art], Kevin Teddy Vega [Game Design]

Little Tokyo was the result of Ludum Dare's game jam theme: "one room". The original plan was to not only allow the player to build stuff using building blocks, but would have a second section where the player controls a child dressed in a godzilla costume and destroying their own creation. But with the time restraints that typically come with game jams, we only got the first part implemented.

We didn't have time for UI either, so we just throw all the available blocks at you in a giant pile.



Production: Feb 2016 [One Game a Week]
Genre: Brainstorming Tool
Status: Available
Tools Used: GameMaker: Studio 1.4, Photoshop, Krita, Google Docs, Wordpress
Role(s): Game Designer, Programmer, Writer

Conception is a brainstorming tool from back when I had a development blog throughout 2016. At the blog's start, I started a project called One Game a Week where I made one prototype a week to improve my skills as a game designer. To come up with new ideas each week, I used a card game I made called Conception, which used categories from Game Dev Tycoon to force me to make a game that could fit in that category. After four weeks of making board games and making my first video game during the Global Game Jam (it's really bad don't play it), I decided to use the fifth week to make an updated and shareable version of Conception!

It took a month instead. Three weeks of research and meticulous categorization, and the final week for implementation. Despite still being a prototype, people still had fun using it, so that's good at least!